All services are performed in house only. We offer free estimates! Don't see the service you're interested in here? Contact us!

Vacuum Service & Repair

All major brands  from Bissell to Miele or Sebo. We also work on robotic vacuums.

Lamp Repair

We offer lamp and chandelier repair. Everything from a simple socket replacement to complete rewiring.

Knife & Scissor Sharpening

We even sharpen garden clippers! We don't charge by the inch but rather by the type of blade. From $2.00 for standard knives up to $4.50 for garden clippers.

Sewing Machine Service

Is your sewing machine not worth a stitch? Bring is by for a service! We'll reset the tension, timing, clean it out, and lubricate all the moving parts.

Large Appliance Sales

Need assistance with ordering your next Miele appliance? We can answer your questions, provide pricing and or schematics. Order your next Miele appliance with us!